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Real Mistress and Dominatrix at Savage Academy

Humiliations for sissies, lessons for sexual masochists. Real femdom training for male slaves.



Real dominatrix Mistress Electra

...I expect that male creatures will submit to My Will over theirs and will comply with the natural order of My Queendom. you will see all kinds of hardcore Femdom action in exclusive videos and images. My slaves are treated mercilessly and I love to torture and use them to fulfill My desires. Whether you are near or far you will long to worship Me and lie at My feet where you belong....



Real Mistress Dominatrix at Mistress Karin Von Kroft

World class domination. BDSM and Female domination is Mistress Karin's passion. She is a beautiful woman with a dungeon in Tucson Arizona. She likes high heels discipline with spanking for her slaves. This site contains bdsm, facesitting, smothering, strapon training, discipline, CBT, footworship.



Real Mistress - Mistress Jennifer

Mistress Jennifer is a sexy, confident, outgoing, assertive woman, and loves the thrill of domination. Mistress Jennifer, or 'MJ' as she goes by, is 39, 5'4", 130lb. dark haired, green eyed and athletic. She weight trains 4-5 days a week and has a fit, yet feminine figure (curvy and toned).

Mistress Jennifer believes that BDSM done in a safe, sane and consensual manner is a normal expression of ones physical, mental and emotional desires. BDSM and Power Exchange has always been exciting to many and is becoming more mainstream and accepted. It is the ultimate in safe sex and Her goal is to make each and every production the ultimate in fantasy entertainment for Her viewers.



Real Dominatrix at Mistress Amber

Sadistic Dominatrix with zero tolerance. Delivering pain to submissives.






The Lady Divina - Warwickshire





Den of Iniquity - Phoenix

Elizabeth Burns - Phoenix

Goddess M - Phoenix

Mistress Madyson - Phoenix

Mistress V - Phoenix

Mistress V - Phoenix

Lady Ice Queen - Phoenix, Arizona

Mistress Mommy V - Scottsdale

Mistress Karin - Tucson


Lady Aylha / Realmstone - Anaheim

Mistress Sinthia - Arleta

Mistress Selene's Realm - Berkeley

Mistress ChinaDoll - California

The Fetish Grrls - Chico

Supreme Kajun Domina - Granite Bay

Mistress Lilith - Hollywood

Anastasia Pierce - Los Ageles

Mistress Denee - Los Ageles

Callie Simms - Los Angeles

Den of Iniquity - Los Angeles

Domina Aja - Los Angeles

Eros Station - Los Angeles

FootGoddess - Los Angeles

Goddess Marquesa - Los Angeles

Goddess Sativa - Los Angeles

Goddess Tessa - Los Angeles

Goddess Venus - Los Angeles - Los Angeles

Golddigger - Los Angeles

Grand Dames - Los Angeles

Greedy Black Barbie - Los Angeles

Hollywood Chambers - Los Angeles

Isabella Sinclaire - Los Angeles

Jezebel Chi - Los Angeles

Lady Solaris - Los Angeles

Lara Victore - Los Angeles

Lilith - Los Angeles

Miss Eden Winter - Los Angeles

Miss Mona Blu - Los Angeles

Mistress Alica - Los Angeles

Mistress Anna - Los Angeles

Mistress Antonia Reich - Los Angeles

Mistress B - Los Angeles

Mistress Candice Cayne - Los Angeles

Mistress Crystal - Los Angeles

Mistress Cyan - Los Angeles

Mistress Damiana Chi - Los Angeles

Mistress Eden - Los Angeles

Mistress Elle - Los Angeles

Mistress Emily - Los Angeles

Mistress Erzsebet - Los Angeles

Mistress Eva Stern - Los Angeles

Mistress Feral - Los Angeles

Mistress Gabrielle - Los Angeles

Mistress Gemini - Los Angeles

Mistress Genevieve - Los Angeles

Mistress Jacklyn Lick - Los Angeles

Mistress Jacqueline - Los Angeles

Mistress Jessica Cane - Los Angeles

Mistress Kat9 - Los Angeles

Mistress Katja Minx - Los Angeles

Mistress Lisa - Los Angeles

Mistress Mona Majors - Los Angeles

Mistress Omega - Los Angeles

Mistress Ravenhart - Los Angeles

Mistress Regine - Los Angeles

Mistress Sabrina Belladonna - Los Angeles

Mistress Sarai - Los Angeles

Mistress Selina Minx - Los Angeles

Mistress Sinthia - Los Angeles

Mistress Sophia - Los Angeles

Mistress Stephanie Locke - Los Angeles

Mistress Treasure - Los Angeles

Mistress Veronica - Los Angeles

Mistress Victoria Talon - Los Angeles

Mistress Zana - Los Angeles

mistressravenhart - Los Angeles

Ms. Justine - Los Angeles

Passive Arts - Los Angeles

Queen Adrena - Los Angeles

Rita's Kink Adventures - Los Angeles

Sabrina Belladonna - Los Angeles

Switch Lilith - Los Angeles

Switch Spanky - Los Angeles

The Chateau - Los Angeles

The Dominion - Los Angeles

VietDominatrix - Los Angeles

Fetish Grrls - Mountain View

Mistress SoulStice - Oakland

Mistress Kyra Von Kropp - Orange County

Mistress Victoria - Orange County

Sub Miranda - Orange County

Vamp Dahlia - Orange County

Please my Mistress...Home to Sensual Sadism - Orange/Riverside/LA

Mistress V of Palm - Palm Springs

Mistress Christy - Sacramento

Mistress Kajun - Sacramento

Mistress Kajun - Sacramento

Mistress Kajun Domina - Sacramento

Diva Jacqueline DuMonde - San Diego

Dom Dominique - San Diego

Lucrecia's Lair - San Diego

Mistress Alex - San Diego

Mistress Ava - San Diego

Mistress Chase - San Diego

Mistress Chloe - San Diego

Mistress Ellen's Dungeon - San Diego

Mistress Johara - San Diego

Mistress Savannah de Sade - San Diego

Mistress Zenith - San Diego

BackDrop Club - San Francisco

Devious Asianatrix - San Francisco

Diva Devora - San Francisco

Domina Bailey - San Francisco

Domina Selina Raven - San Francisco

Fantasy Makers - San Francisco

Lady Atria - San Francisco

Lady Lilith - San Francisco

Madam Wilcox - San Francisco

Mistress Eisanna Eiger - San Francisco

Mistress Heart - San Francisco

Mistress Kendra - San Francisco

Mistress Liliane Hunt - San Francisco

Mistress Mattison - San Francisco

Mistress Morgana - San Francisco

Mistress Pandora - San Francisco

Mistress Simone Kross - San Francisco

Mistress Xeres - San Francisco

Natasha Strange - San Francisco

Reina Aurora - San Francisco

Silk Christine - San Francisco

The English Mistress - San Francisco

Vinyl Queen - San Francisco

Vivian Swift - San Francisco

Wicked Mistress Roxxanne Rex - San Francisco

Lady Ripplee Severin - San Francisco / Berkeley

Mistress Lenore - San Francisco, Ca

Mistress Philippa - San Fransisco

Madame Steele - San Jose

Mistress Zoezane - San Jose

Lady Stacy - Santa Clara - Ventura

Goddess Heather - West Hills/LA

Mistress Katarina - West Hollywood



Maitresse Francesca - Brossard

Lady Bliss - Calgary

Lady Seraphina - Calgary

Ms. Divine - Calgary

Mistress Patricia - Edmonton

Club Montreal Fetish - Montreal

Divine Miss Malice - Montreal

Lady Kate - Montreal

Madame Maxime - Montreal

Maitresse Angélie - Montreal

Maitresse Malycia - Montreal

Mistress Demonique - Montreal

Mistress Sheva - Montreal

Montreal Doms - Montreal

Domina Chica's Eye Candy - Moose Jaw

Madame de Sade - Ontario

Maitresse Cathie La Divine - Ottawa

Lady Rowan - Regina

Enslave Yourself - Toronto

Goddess Christina - Toronto

Italian Domina - Toronto

Lady Chyna Of Toronto - Toronto

Lady CoCo - Toronto

Lady Rachel Pro Domina - Toronto

Lady Spike - Toronto

Lady Victoria - Toronto

Lady Yasmina - Toronto

Madam X - Toronto

Madame Tanya - Toronto Prefessional Dominatrix - Toronto

Miss Zarah - Toronto

Mistress Anais da Furia - Toronto

Mistress Asia Scarlett - Toronto

Mistress Breanna - Toronto

Mistress Dianne - Toronto

Mistress Hunter - Toronto

Mistress Katerina - Toronto

Mistress Katina - Toronto

Mistress Katina - Toronto

Mistress Patricia Marsh - Toronto

Mistress Rattan - Toronto

Mistress Schantal - Toronto

Mistress Tanis - Toronto

Mistresses Anais and Morgan - Toronto

Ms. Marina Black - Toronto

Ms. Marina Black - Toronto

Nurse Anika - Toronto

Patricia Marsh - Toronto

Power Palace - Toronto

Princess Feeta - Toronto

Princess Sadako - Toronto

Princess Shahrazad - Toronto

Scat Mistress - Toronto

Sissy Maid Academy - Toronto

Strict Disciplinarian - Toronto

The Alchemical Seductress - Toronto

The Toronto Power Exchange - Toronto

The Toronto Power Exchange - Toronto

Toronto Power Exchange - Toronto

Zoe Aspasia - Toronto

Lady XI - Toronto, Ontario

Domina Katarina - Vancouver

Dominant Asian Goddess - Vancouver

Goddess Lorena - Vancouver

Mistress Angelique Serpent - Vancouver

Mistress Elektra Skye - Vancouver

Mistress Harley - Vancouver

Mistress Katarina - Vancouver

Mistress Katt - Vancouver

Mistress Madelaine Bates - Vancouver

Mistress Taylor Fallon - Vancouver

Mistress Verona - Vancouver

Mistress Veronika Harley - Vancouver

OnyxPro - Vancouver

Queendom of Kika - Vancouver

Sara Akeera's Naughty Club - Vancouver

Mistress Carissa - Victoria

Mistress Enya New - Westminister BC

Princess Domme - Windsor



Agent Fetish - Chicago

Chicago Illusions - Chicago - Chicago

Countess Anders - Chicago

Domina Thalia - Chicago

Gia Primo - Chicago

Goddess Ava - Chicago

Goddess Dailah - Chicago

Goddress Glory - Chicago

La'Cage - Chicago

Madame DuValle - Chicago

Miss Maya Sinstress - Chicago

Miss Veronica - Chicago

Mistress Cleo - Chicago

Mistress Clio LaVamp - Chicago

Mistress Crimson - Chicago

Mistress Delirium - Chicago

Mistress Delirium - Chicago

Mistress Ginger Store - Chicago

Mistress Lexi - Chicago

Mistress Madeline - Chicago

Mistress Mary - Chicago

Mistress Mary - Chicago

Mistress Michelle and Mistress Jennifer - Chicago

Mistress Minax - Chicago

Mistress Morgan - Chicago

Mistress Simone - Chicago

Mistress Xena - Chicago

Mistress Zaynab - Chicago

Nurse Madeline - Chicago

Sweet Mistress Sennett - Chicago

Mistress Stephanie - Chicago, IL

The Loctorium - Rolling Meadows


Mistress Maya Sinstress - Chicago

House Of Panopticon - Indianapolis

Miss Felonious - Indianapolis

Madame Gina - NW Indiana


Mistress Divinyl...Trans Dominatrix Extraordinaire - Lexington

Mistress Heather and Mistress Astria - Lexington

TV Mistress Divinyl - Lexington

Mistress L - Louisville


Lady Avalon - New Orleans

Mistress Genevieve - New Orleans

Mistress Linda - New Orleans

Mistress Sequoia - New Orleans

Nikki Cat - New Orleans


Mistress Psyche - Baltimore

Mistress Regina of DC - DC


Contessa Caterina - Boston

Domme Delilah - Boston

Lady J - Boston

Lady Kim South of - Boston

Lady Mystique - Boston

Mistress Janca - Boston

Mistress Rachel - Boston

Mystique Dungeons Greater - Boston

Princess Kali - Boston

Mistress Pandemonia - Boston, Massachusetts

Lady Leather - Massachusetts

Mistress Veronika - Massachusetts

Mistress Lucinda - Western Massachusetts


Extreme Kidnapping - Detroit

Goddess Danielle - Detroit

Mistress Danielle's Domain - Detroit - Detroit

Mistress Peresphone - Flint

Mistress Persephone - Flint

Mistress Samantha - Harrison


Amanda Wildefyre - Minneapolis

Madam Curio - Minneapolis

Mistress Jean - Minneapolis

Mistress Sharina Nicole - Minneapolis

Madam Curio's Workshop - Minnesota

Mistress Amanda - Minnesota


Mistress Malice - Mississippi


Ama Manor - Kansas City

Mistress Bella Sera - Kansas City

Mistress Maya - Kansas City

Mistress Mim - Springfield

GoddessJeanna - St. Louis

Lady Dawn - St. Louis

Mistress Jacqueline - St. Louis

Mistress Kay - St. Louis

Mistress Morgana - St. Louis

Domina Goddess Danielle - St. Louis and Memphis TN



Goddess Katlyn - Las Vegas

Goddess Marissa - Las Vegas

Kali Ward - Las Vegas

Lady Ivy's TV Guirlz Academy - Las Vegas

Madame Angulique - Las Vegas

Mistress Kara - Las Vegas

Mistress Penelope St. Devi - Las Vegas

Mistress Ruby - Las Vegas

Mistress Shavonna - Las Vegas

The Little Mistress-Las Vegas Sensual Dominatrix - Las Vegas

Goddess Sondra - Reno

Mistress Xenobia - Reno

New Hampshire

Mistress Blaze - New Hampshire

Mistress Veronika Southern - New Hampshire

Mystique Boston - Salem

New Jersey

Mistress Rachel Fine - Essex County

Mistress Clarissa - Jersey City

Mistress Destiny - Jersey City, NJ

Mistress Juliette - Jersey City, NJ

MarquiseDS - Linden

Domina Britt - New Jersey

Domme Brooke - New Jersey

Goddess Lynda Payne - New Jersey

Lady Lily - New Jersey

Madame Kaine - New Jersey

Mistress Claudine - New Jersey

Mistress Destiny - New Jersey

Mistress Marquise - New Jersey

Mistress Mir - New Jersey

Mistress Nona - New Jersey

Mistress Rhiannon - New Jersey

Mistress Dante Posh - North New Jersey

Mistress Jenna - North New Jersey

Mistress Mir - Teaneck

New Mexico

Diva - Albuquerque

Domina Shannon - Albuquerque

Mistress Kara - Albuquerque

Mistress Pink - Albuquerque

Adobe Dungeon - Northern New Mexico


New York

Blue Moon Goddess' Realm - Albany

Madame Raine - Amsterdam

Domina Katarina - British Columbia

Mistress Gina - Buffalo

Dutchess Von Stern - Hartsdale

Goddess Ellen - Long Island

Mistress Boudiga - Long Island

Mistress Dominae Drakonis - Long Island

Mistress Rose - Long Island

Mistress Sopia - Long Island

Mistress Eva Bliss - Manhattan

Britannia Canes - New York

Countless Leah - New York

Cuckoldress Kate - New York

Delilah - New York

Domina Ania - New York

Domina Caitlin - New York

Domina M - New York

La Domaine Esemar - New York

Lady Sadist - New York

Miss Eliza - New York

Mistress Alicia - New York

Mistress Alina - New York

Mistress Asia - New York

Mistress Bianca - New York

Mistress Billie - New York

Mistress Clarissa - New York

Mistress Delilah - New York

Mistress Dirtee Redd - New York

Mistress Jade Vixen - New York

Mistress Morgana - New York

Mistress Psyche - New York

Mistress Rage - New York

Mistress Scarlett - New York

Mistress Scarlett - New York

Ms Cassandra Park - New York

Mz Black Mistress - New York

Priestess and Fyre - New York

Angel Stern - New York City

Asia's Sports Dungeon - New York City

Chiara Scura - New York City

Countess Leah - New York City

Dangerous Vixens - New York City

Domina Caitlin - New York City

Domina Gael - New York City

Domina M - New York City

Domina Skye - New York City

Elektra - New York City

Emanuelle - New York City

Excalibur - New York City

Goddess Haden - New York City

Goddess Severa - New York City

Goddess Summer - New York City

Goddess Trina - New York City

Heather Fine - Foxy Muscle Wrestling - New York City

Hydro Madam - New York City

Isis - New York City

Jezebel's - New York City

Labyrinth - New York City

Lady H - New York City

Lady Kayla - New York City

Lady ROT - New York City

Laidie Magenta - New York City

Leslie Savage - New York City

LI OTK Mom - New York City

Madam Valeria Del Mare - New York City

Miss Claudia Varrin - New York City

Miss Vera's Finishing School - New York City

Mistress Alana - New York City

Mistress Alicia - New York City

Mistress Angelica - New York City

Mistress Aphrodite - New York City

Mistress Ariana - New York City

Mistress Arianna Revere - New York City

Mistress Barbarella - New York City

Mistress Bianca - New York City

Mistress Billie - New York City

Mistress Cher - New York City

Mistress Clarissa - New York City

Mistress Clarissa - New York City

Mistress Courtney - New York City

Mistress Cyrinda - New York City

Mistress Danielle Lacourte - New York City

Mistress Dolce Vita - New York City

Mistress Elektra - New York City

Mistress Elizabeth - New York City

Mistress Emma - New York City

Mistress Greta - New York City

Mistress Jasmine - New York City

Mistress Kali - New York City

Mistress Kang - New York City

Mistress Kassandra - New York City

Mistress Kiara - New York City

Mistress Kyoko - New York City

Mistress Maxim - New York City

Mistress Nadia - New York City

Mistress Natalie - New York City

Mistress Natasha - New York City

Mistress Nicolette - New York City

Mistress Nona - New York City

Mistress Obsidia - New York City

Mistress Oya - New York City

Mistress Psyche - New York City

Mistress Sable - New York City

Mistress Sabrina Winter - New York City

Mistress Sayako - New York City

Mistress Shain - New York City

Mistress Sterling LeVay - New York City

Mistress Storm - New York City

Mistress Tess - New York City

Mistress Troy - New York City

Mistress Victoria - New York City

Mistress Victoria - New York City

Mistress Vylette - New York City

Mistress Xstine - New York City

Mistress Yin - New York City

Nicole Bass - New York City

NYDominatrix - New York City

Pandora's Box - New York City

Queen Ladyeffe - New York City

Rage - New York City

Sin Studios - New York City

Sole Mistress - New York City

Submissive Ophelia - New York City

Tempest Wrestling Club - New York City

The Den of Iniquity - New York City

The Hidden Chamber - New York City

The Nutcracker Suite - New York City

Domina M - New York, NY

Mistress Jadetiger - New York, NY

Mistress Rage - Rochester

Mistress Rage - Rochester

Mistress Rage - Rochester

Domina Caitlin - Staten Island, NY

Mistress Sopia - Suffolk County, Long Island


North Carolina

Mistress Jadetiger - Charlotte

Mistress Jennifer - Charlotte

Mistress Mya - Charlotte

Mystrys Genevieve - Charlotte

Mistress Eva Lordes - Durham

Mistress Eva Lordes - Raleigh


Domina Pain Cindy - Akron

Mistress Lexi - Akron

Mistress Melora - Akron

Mistress Miranda - Akron

Mistress Miranda Rider - Akron

Mistress Pamela - Akron

Amber Black - Cleveland

DVNC - Cleveland

Mistress Isa - Cleveland

Mistress J - Cleveland

Mistress Lilith - Cleveland

Mistress Lilith - Cleveland

Mistress Vivica Von Bane - Cleveland

Red Door - Cleveland

Amanda Cane - Columbus

Amazon Goddess Victoria Sapphire - Columbus

Domina Snow - Columbus

Lady Constance Z - Columbus

Lady Sage - Columbus

Lady Sybil - Columbus

Mistress Allegra - Columbus

Mistress Amanda Cane - Columbus

Mistress Isadora - Columbus

Mistress Patty - Columbus

Mistress Torrance - Columbus

Lady Victoria - Dayton

Ms Priss - Forest

Mistress Leah - Toledo

Mistress Tigress - West Ohio

Mistress Devine - Youngstown


Mistress Harp - Oklahoma City

Mistress Judy - Oklahoma City


Mistress Thorn - Beaverton

Domina Betka Schpitz - Portland

Domina Veronica Vicari - Portland

Domina Verushka - Portland

Evil Lady - Portland

Mistress Valkris - Portland

Ms Julie Spanks - Portland

Rope Lover - Portland

Miss Kathrynne - Salem


Lady Donna - Danville

Lady Donna - Danville

Mistress Stevie - Harrisburg

Mistress Morganna - Lancaster

Athena Lourdes - Philadelphia

Goddess Athena Lourdes - Philadelphia

Goddess Svetlana - Philadelphia

Lady Chandra - Philadelphia

Lady Dahlia - Philadelphia

Lexx Envy - Philadelphia

Lolita Loveless - Philadelphia

Miss Ingrid Mink - Philadelphia

Mistress D'Arcy - Philadelphia

Mistress Diana - Philadelphia

Mistress Electra - Philadelphia

Mistress Exene - Philadelphia

Mistress Fire - Philadelphia

Mistress Firestarter - Philadelphia

Mistress Karys - Philadelphia

Mistress Lucinda - Philadelphia

Mistress Pandora - Philadelphia

Mistress Renee - Philadelphia

Mistress Scarlettred - Philadelphia

Mistress Scarlot - Philadelphia

Russian Domme - Philadelphia

The Goddess Domain - Philadelphia

The Royal Castle - Philadelphia

The Royal Castle - Philadelphia

Veronica Bound - Philadelphia

High Priestess - Pittsburgh

Irene Boss - Pittsburgh

Madame Ingrid the Valkyrie - Pittsburgh

Madame Klawdya Rothschild - Pittsburgh

MzCara - Pittsburgh

Mistress Vendela - Scranton

Rhode Island

D/s A'IE - Providence

Goddess Dark Angel - Providence

Lady IceFire - Providence

Ruthless Vixen Mistress Aie - Providence

D/s A’IE - Rhode Island

Mistress Lexx - Rhode Island

Mistress Zaia - Rhode Island


Mistress Kitten - Antioch

Mistress Sabrina Ward - Nashville


Domina Shannon - Austin

Domina Shannon - Austin

Domination By Mistress Kitty - Austin

Mistress Scarlet - Austin

Domina Athena - Dallas

Domme Maggie - Dallas

Domme Maggie - Dallas

Mistress Arrina - Dallas

Mistress Fire - Dallas

Mistress Hill - Dallas

Mistress Natasha - Dallas

Mistress Stephanie - Dallas

Prima Domina - Dallas

Mistress Alexandria - Garland

Domina MaxRulz - Houston

Domina Shawna - Houston

Mistress Cierra Cynn - Houston

Mistress Jessica Morgan / Subhaven - Houston

Mistress Michelle - Houston

Mistress Misha More - Houston

Mistress Precious - Houston

Mistress Tink - Houston

Xcalibur - Houston


Mz Lisa Virginia - Beach


Mistress Sindi - DC

Ms. Eden Nicole Masters - DC

La Femme Fetiche Fatale - Olympia

Dungeon Deydia - Seattle

Fuchsia - Seattle

Lady Aurora - Seattle

Lady Catherine La Croix - Seattle

Lady Lydia - Seattle

Mistress Brutal Gemini - Seattle

Mistress Damiana - Seattle

Mistress Eris - Seattle

Mistress Katherine - Seattle

Mistress Katrina - Seattle

Mistress Katrina - Seattle

Mistress Matisse - Seattle

Mistress Milliscent - Seattle

Mistress Natisha - Seattle

Mistress Scarlot - Seattle

Katja Starkova - Seattle (also San Francisco)

Mistress Katrina Khan - Seattle, Tacoma

Mistress Leah Lafleur - Washington State

Washington DC

Command Performance - Washington DC

Domina V - Washington DC

Lady Lilly - Washington DC

Miss Anna Dior - Washington DC

Mistress Alize - Washington DC

Mistress Raven - Washington DC

Mistress Tyler - Washington DC

Mistress Veronique - Washington DC

MistressOlivia - Washington DC

Your Mistress Yasmine - Washington DC

West Virginia

Mistress Jill - Huntington


Madison Dungeon - Madison

Mistress Andi - Milwaukee

Mistress Blacksatin - Milwaukee

Black Satin - Milwaukee /Hartford

Lady D - Wisconsin


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