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Chastity belt stories

Chastity belt stories and male chastity fetish stories



Male chastity belt stories



Cuckold stories

Cuckold fetish stories about cuckolded husbands and Hotwives who are dominating them.



Femdom stories

Femdom and male slaves. Femdom stories - Slave stories.



Pissing Scat stories

Watersports, pissing and scat stories with strong female domination theme.



Facesitting stories

Facesitting femdom stories. Female domination fetish stories.



Real life female domination stories

Real life stories from OWK - a place where real female domination life exist. Even you can go there for real and spend some time as a real life male slave serving dominant females.



Cuckold husband fiction stories



Dominant wife femdom stories

Dominant wives and submissive husband stories.




MaleDom Stories - FemSub Stories



FemDom Stories - FemSub Stories



Female Slave Stories








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List of more fetish fiction websites.


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List of fetish websites that contains stories.


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Cuckold Husbands


Cuckold Husband Stories


Hot Wife Stories


Slut Wife Stories


Cuckold creampie Stories


Creampie Cuckold Story


Forced BI Stories


Dominant Wife Stories


Mistress Wife Stories


Submissive Stories




Forced Chastity


Chastity Slave Stories


Tease Denial Stories


Cock Teasing


Sissy Cuckold


Humiliated Cuckold


Cuckold Stories


Slut Wife Stories  2


Slut Wife Stories 3


Updates of Cuckold Stories


Updates of Slut Wife Stories




Males In Slavery - Femdom stories of psychological and physical enslavement of men by Dominant Women

Amity's World - Femdom stories.

Diana the Valkyrie - Large site with stories and other content about strong, powerful women.

Fantasy Femdom - Interactive femdom story. - Erotic bondage and domination stories and movies

BDSM Library - Thousands of free femdom and bdsm stories.

Femdom Stories - Femdom stories and female domination resources.

Toxic Treat - Blog of a dominant woman. Her musings, philosophy, and interests.

Eager For You - What if you woke up in a stranger's bed. Come meet Cindy, Countess and Kitten and make your dreams come true

Bitch Island - Erotic, photo illustrated, female domination stories. - Original fetish femdom comics

Susan Strict's World of Dominance - Femdom literature and resources, including Susan Strict's Femdom books and other authors’ books edited and published by Susan Strict.




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